Mango Sunrise Martini
Odd Society vodka, shaken with mango and lemonade and a splash of raspberry purée 2oz 10

Lemon Kiss Martini
Odd Society vodka, fresh lemon, simple syrup, sugar rim 2oz 10

Mike’s Hard Lemonade
Odd Society vodka, Sour Puss raspberry, house lemonade 1oz 6.5 2oz 10

Summer Smash
Odd Society gin, fresh lemon, fresh mint, soda 1oz 7 2oz 10

Odd Society Cosmo
Odd Society gin, cointreau, cranberry, fresh lime 2oz 9.5

Lychee Lemonade
Lychee liquer with our house-made lemonade 1oz 7 2oz 10

Patio Palmer
Knob Creek Bourbon with a mix of our house-made lemonade and iced tea 1oz 8 2oz 12

Big Feast Caesar VEGAN
Odd Society vodka, vegan Walters, house-made gluten-free worcestershire, house-made hot sauce; house-made spicy carrot, pickled beet, Blazes Bean 1oz 7 2oz 10

Raspberry Mojito
Local white rum, soda, raspberry purée, fresh mint, fresh lime, house-made simple syrup 1oz 7 2oz 10.5

Classic Mimosa
Sparkling wine and orange juice in a champagne glass 3oz 6

Big Feast Mango Mimosa
Sparkling wine and mango juice in a champagne glass 3oz 6

Baileys Latté
Saltspring espresso, steamed milk, Baileys; topped with fresh Baileys whipped cream 1oz 6.5 2oz 10

Big Feast Cold Coffee
Iced espresso, milk, Kahlua; topped with splash of Baileys 1oz 6.5 2oz 10


Mission Hill KELOWNA
5 Vineyards Pinot Blanc 6oz 9.5 9oz 14 750ml 38

The View Winery KELOWNA
Silver Lining White 6oz 9 9oz 13.5 750ml 38

Hester Creek OLIVER
Pinot Gris 6oz 10 9oz 14.5 750ml 42

Mission Hill KELOWNA
5 Vineyards Cab Merlot 6oz 10 9oz 14.5 750ml 42

The View Winery KELOWNA
Silver Lining Red 6oz 9 9oz 13.5 750ml 38

Cabernet Franc 750ml 50

Beer + Cider

Driftwood Fat Tug IPA 16oz 7 20oz 8.5
Driftwood White Bark Witbier 16oz 6.5 20oz 8
Foamer’s Folly Dad Beer Pilsner 16oz 6.5 20oz 8
Foamer’s Folly Kolsch 16oz 6.5 20oz 8

Lone Tree Cider
Apple Ginger 355ml 6 Apple Cranberry 355ml 6

Okanagan Apple Cider
Crisp Apple 355ml 6 Harvest Pear 355ml 6

Glutenberg Craft Brewery GLUTEN-FREE
Blonde Ale 473ml 10 IPA 473ml 10

Nelson Breweries
After Dark Organic Dark Ale 355ml 6.5

Whistler Brewing
Powder Mountain Lager 355ml 6.5
Bear Paw Honey Lager 330ml 6.5

Phillips Brewing
Blue Buck Ale 355ml 6.5
White Peach Ale 355ml 6.5

Thirst Quenchers

For espresso and coffee selections, please ask your server for a full listing.

Organic Teas 3.5
Caffeinated: Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Gunpowder Green, Rooibos Chai, Roasted Coconut
Herbal: Chamomile Lavender, Red Velvet, Mint

Lemonade 4
Homemade or Mango

Home-Made Iced Tea 4

Pure Leaf Iced Tea 4
Unsweetened, Peach, Green Tea, or Raspberry

Blue Monkey Coconut Water 3.25

Bubbly Sodas 2.5
Grapefruit, Orange, Strawberry, Lime

Phillips Sodas 4
Sparkmouth Ginger Ale, Captain Electro’s Root Beer, Dare Devil Orange Cream, Speed King Craft Cola

Kombucha 6
Ginger or Pineapple Peach

Naked Smoothies 5.5
Mighty Mango or Green Machine

Premium Juices 12oz 4 16oz 6
Orange, Cranberry, Mango

Organic Unfiltered Apple Juice 12oz 4 16oz 6

Kid’s Organic Juice Box 1.5

Milk 3

Chocolate Milk 3.5

Almond or Soy Milk 3.5