Little Feast

All items except Itty Bitty Feast are served with an organic juice box, fresh fruit salad, and a fresh baked cookie. For kids under 10 years old only.

Cheesy Eggs & Toast Fingers
Scrambled eggs, cheese, sprouted wheat toast 9

French Toast
Organic sourdough, egg dipped and griddled golden; served with maple syrup 9

Lotsa Cheese Grilled Cheese
Loads of mozzarella and cheddar cheeses melted on organic sourdough 9.5

The Chocolate Elvis
Organic chocolate sauce, house-made peanut butter, banana on grilled sourdough 9.5

Stella’s Amazing Tacos (2)
Pulled pork, bourbon BBQ, coleslaw, fresh avocado on crisp roti 9

Hawaiian Tropics
Roti sandwich stuffed with honey ham, pineapple, cheese, and tomato sauce 10

Mac & Cheese
A traditional favourite made with penne noodles 9

Chicken Run
Grilled boneless naturally fed chicken breast, served with jasmine rice 9

Itty Bitty Feast
Perfect size for kids under 2! Apple purée, banana rings, grated carrot, whole wheat Cheerios 6